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The Wasserman Center is in daily contact with employers, and many are focused on moving their employees to remote work and supporting them before hiring new staff. Still, they are eager to stay engaged with you as well. Below, we have shared highlights that have come directly from employers on hiring trends and how Covid-19 is making an impact. Insights will be added weekly.

Social Work Insights: For positions that require licensure, currently there are no dates scheduled for students to sit for the NY state exam (may be relevant in other states as well). At this time, some organizations – hospitals, nonprofits etc. – are willing to hire non-licensed candidates with a caveat that licensure is expected within a certain time frame from date of hire (i.e. 6 months from start date). or more sources to stay up to date on the industry, check out the National Association of Social Workers.

Creatives / Writing & Publishing Insights: Most companies are currently on a hiring freeze, however freelance work continues to be available. Organizations encourage students interested in freelancing to reach out to the number two person at an organization. Most editorial and writing opportunities are often not posted and editors will tweet if they need writers. Finding work in this industry is all about connections: reach out to people who are producing work that is interesting to you, build connections through NYU contacts, find commonalities with others, and seek mentorship. Employers are looking for students who are quick learners, communicators, relationship builders, and have strong attention to detail. Find remote opportunities in Creatives via Working Not Working, Envato Studio, Dribble, 199 Jobs, Smashing Magazine, Creative Circle, Freelance Writing Gigs, Vitamin Talent, Design Crowd, and Contena.

Global Opportunities Insights: Employers across the world are continuing to recruit and hire international candidates. Canada in particular has goals for bringing in more non-Canadian residents to be employed in full time positions for economic reasons. They have many openings for federal skilled workers (requires 1 year of FT paid work in the last 10 years). Additionally, there are opportunities to apply for permanent residency after 3 years. In the United Kingdom, the government publishes a continuously updated list of organizations licensed to sponsor employees under Tier 2 and Tier 5 visas. Australia has been focusing on its efforts to identify and attract highly talented people from across the globe as well. Check out the Government of Canada’s website, UK List of Licensed Organizations to Sponsor, and Australia’s Global Talent Program to get started. Find Remote global opportunities in Finance via Remote Global.

Media and Communications Insights: Media and communications for non-profit organizations hiring will depend on any change in funding priorities by organizations that fund their work such as the case for The Access Group. Remote creative and assistant positions are common. ByteDance (TikTok) is still hiring. For more sources to stay up to date on the industry, check out The Hollywood Reporter, PR Week, and Reuters. Find Remote opportunities in Media/Communications via Media Bistro.

Global Public Health Insights: Organizations are still hiring, but the process will be slower.  Before hiring and training new employees, organizations need to first focus on preparing for workplace changes due to covid-19 and stay-at-home orders, and support current employees in adjusting to remote work. For more sources to stay up to date on the industry, check out the NYU School of Global Public Health News, ASPPH, and NPR’s Global Health.

Web Communications/Sales Insights: Spoke to someone at Yelp, and as expected they are on a hiring freeze. Given the amount of in person and local business that are temporarily shut down, sales has slowed down dramatically. But they wanted to highlight, that things will get back to normal, and people will be hiring again and students should be building their skills, perfecting their resume and interviews, and connecting with professionals as much as possible. For more sources to stay up to date on the industry, check out Entrepreneur and IMPACT.

Entrepreneurship Insights: Hosted a career conversations panel on entrepreneurship careers. The two panelists were in the Tech industry and Pharmaceuticals/Medicine. The biggest takeaways include that there are challenges for start-ups when it comes to asking for funding due to many companies experiencing budget cuts. Entrepreneurs also usually promote their apps/services on college campuses, so you will need to be creative with you advertising. It is more critical than ever to utilize relationships (NYU Alumni/Leslie eLab) as well as use the flexibility of your academic scchedule to test out your product and try new things so that it is ready for launch after this time. Additionally, the government is providing aid and grants so be sure to take this as a resource. For more sources to stay up to date on the industry, check out The New York Times, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

Healthcare Consulting Insights: Organizations are still hiring, but the process will be digital right now.  Some people’s projects have been put on hold as priorities shift in healthcare (ex. Cancer drug treatments may be on hold as pharmaceuticals focus on finding a COVID vaccine) and some organizations’ resources for consulting are decreasing, as they shift funding around.  Right now, a lot of healthcare consulting firms are courting researchers, distributors, and supply chain backgrounds, who bring expertise that’s needed right now in the current crisis. Panelists said their work was mostly business as usual though. For more sources to stay up to date on the industry, check out Hospital & Healthcare Management, Healthcare Business & Tech, and HFMA.

Federal Government Insights: The Partnership for Public Service had shared the following insight on how the federal government’s hiring has been impacted by COVID-19. Many programs are still hiring and students can look for language stating that positions are “telework eligible” in the job descriptions. There are still several virtual internship programs and agencies that are recruiting. Many agencies have been instructed to hire and onboard virtually. For more sources to stay up to date on the industry, check out the Virtual Student Federal Service, Office of Personnel Management, and follow along with the Partnership for Public Service.

Marketing Communications Insights: What is consistent across the marketing industry right now is the need to reassuringly reconnect with key audiences, consumers, and partners clearly and appropriately. Marketing agencies are certainly not immune to the economic impact of COVID-19, especially those with many clients in the travel and hospitality industries. Ultimately, agencies with broad and diverse client portfolios are best positioned to weather the current economic climate. Over the long term, we expect digital marketing to gain even more importance; many people who previously conducted their business in person have had to become more fluent in online platforms and tools, which will open up new audiences to advertisers going forward. The world has become more digital in response to COVID-19, and the demand for digital marketing will be greater than ever. Find marketing opportunities via The One Club.

Finance Insights: Citi has provided some insights on the current state of their hiring practices and internship programs via their recent blog, Certainty in Uncertain Times: Welcoming our Summer Interns to Citi. For more sources to stay up to date on the industry, check out CIO, Wall Street Journal, and Business Insider. Find remote opportunities in Finance via TopTal.

Education Insights: Find remote opportunities in Education via EdSurge and

STEM Insights: Many Tech employers have had to take new approaches to their regular programs and processes. To continue to share insights from world-class speakers in the industry, IBM has put together a series of sessions that allow students to learn about AI, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, and more from the experts themselves. These THINK Digital session replays are available online. Find remote opportunities in STEM via Women Who Code, Stack Overflow, Remotus, Cactus Global (Science, Tech, Global Impact), Remotey, Arc Dev, RemoteML, Moonlight,, TopCoder, Key Values, and Tech StartUp Jobs.