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4 Truths About Taking a Gap Year

Compiled by Project Horseshoe Farm Fellows ‘15-’16 and written by Melissa Luong Melissa Luong recently graduated from Binghamton University. She is now pursuing a one-year fellowship at Project Horseshoe Farm in Greensboro, Alabama before entering graduate school next fall.  Fellows at Project Horseshoe Farm pursue a one or two year gap-year fellowship serving vulnerable community members by […]


Myths vs. Facts: The Truth About Landing a Job in STEM

Myths vs. Facts! Breaking down the common misconceptions, urban legends, and false facts around landing a job in STEM fields! MYTH #1: There are only Engineering jobs for Computer Science majors. Fact: Two of the fastest-growing engineering fields, industrial engineering and petroleum engineering, staff two of the largest proportions of older workers. In both, 25% […]