Five Ways to Make Something Out of Nothing

VOGUE Magazine-celebrated author, wellness guru and owner of fitness studio Nalini Method, Rupa Mehta is a pioneer in the fitness industry with a powerful one-of-a kind story. After graduating from NYU’s Stern School of Business and studying Pilates, Yoga and Lotte Berk, Mehta’s signature fitness class— Nalini Method– was born. Mehta developed a fun andContinue reading “Five Ways to Make Something Out of Nothing”

Pursuing Your Passion Through Your Career: Reflections from NYU Graduate Students

Jessica and Rachel, two NYU School of Professional Studies students who attended last year’s Find and Follow Your Passion: A FindSpark Conference, share lessons learned as we gear up for this year’s conference at NYU. Rachel Bradshaw is a storyteller at heart. She moved to New York to pursue a master’s degree in marketing atContinue reading “Pursuing Your Passion Through Your Career: Reflections from NYU Graduate Students”

Ace An Interview In 5 Easy Steps

Nicole Winston-Harrington, Director of Talent Acquisition & Development at Winged Keel Group Since joining Winged Keel Group in 2000, Nicole has managed all aspects of Human Resources, Recruiting, Employee Relations, Performance Management, Training Programs, and Event Planning. In her current role as Director of Talent Acquisition & Development, Winged Keel Group continues to draw onContinue reading “Ace An Interview In 5 Easy Steps”

Why Your Humanities Degree Matters

Susan Zheng is the co-founder and CEO of Lynxsy, a mobile recruitment marketplace for companies to hire junior, non-technical talent. Previously, she was an early employee at Tough Mudder where she helped the company grow from 10 to 200 in two years. She graduated from NYU Stern with a degree in Finance and International Business.Continue reading “Why Your Humanities Degree Matters”

My Fulbright to Bulgaria: Teaching English and Cultural Exchange

Ariel Bloomer is a first year master’s student of Higher Education and Student Affairs at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. She graduated with a B.A. in creative writing from Scripps College in California, and spent the following year teaching English in Bulgaria. More insights on her Fulbright year can be foundContinue reading “My Fulbright to Bulgaria: Teaching English and Cultural Exchange”

Three Steps to Getting an Internship in Non-profit / Government

Deniz Duru Aydin is a senior at CAS, majoring in Politics and European & Mediterranean Studies. Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, she interned at various arts-related nonprofits and government organizations including the Lincoln Center and New York State Council on the Arts. She is currently working as a Policy Fellow with Access (, an international non-profitContinue reading “Three Steps to Getting an Internship in Non-profit / Government”

Humanizing the Resume: Add WWOOF, Add Character

Emily Sujka is a Junior at New York University studying Economics.  As part of her Sophomore year, she attended NYU Prague in the Czech Republic. She has journeyed to all seven continents.  Abroad and domestically she has been involved in several English-teaching volunteer programs.  On campus she participates in Polish Club, American Red Cross Club, CommAg, and severalContinue reading “Humanizing the Resume: Add WWOOF, Add Character”

Myths vs. Facts! The Truth About Landing a Job in Advertising and Marketing

Myths vs. Facts! Breaking down the common misconceptions, urban legends and false facts around landing a job in Advertising and Marketing.  Myth #1: The show Madmen is a realistic picture of the advertising and marketing industry.  False: Since the 1950s, the advertising and marketing industries’ landscape has changed drastically to accommodate the use of digital platformsContinue reading “Myths vs. Facts! The Truth About Landing a Job in Advertising and Marketing”

Do’s and Don’ts: The Ten Commandments of Interviewing

  Michael McKay graduated Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in Communication Arts. He is currently the Director of Marketing at Jozii. Career advice: Get involved in activities you are passionate about. Most career opportunities come from people you meet. I. Thou shalt do research on the company Knowing about the company not only makesContinue reading “Do’s and Don’ts: The Ten Commandments of Interviewing”

Myths vs. Facts: The Truth About Women in STEM

Happy Women’s History Month! MYTH #1: Women aren’t interested in engineering. Fact: Women are interested in engineering but there are stereotypes hindering them from developing this interest. Significant gender differences begin to emerge around middle school when girls report that they don’t feel as confident in their STEM abilities compared to their male counterparts. PrevalentContinue reading “Myths vs. Facts: The Truth About Women in STEM”

Financial Advisor: A Noble Profession, Indeed

Noble : (nō-bəl) – having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire  A Wall Street Journal article published this week titled “I Don’t Have a Job.  I Have a Higher Calling,” stated that young workers want to make a difference in addition to a paycheck; they are demanding more meaning and purpose fromContinue reading “Financial Advisor: A Noble Profession, Indeed”

Throwback Thursday: Women’s Foreign Policy Group Mentoring Fair 2013

Heading to the Women’s Foreign Policy Group Mentoring Fair tonight 2/26 6-9pm? Here’s a recap of the event in 2013!  The Women’s Foreign Policy Group 2013 Mentoring Fair brought together dozens of foreign policy professionals and NYU students for a night of quick but critical insights to the field. Even WFPG’s president, Patricia Ellis, participatedContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Women’s Foreign Policy Group Mentoring Fair 2013”