Should You Delete Your Social Media Presence? Advice from

“The biggest mistake people make in social media is that they let their posts live forever.” So says Mark Cuban, celebrity billionaire, investor and sports team owner, in the very first line of a video that presents something of a dystopian outlook on social media and, indeed, digital communication as a whole. The crux ofContinue reading “Should You Delete Your Social Media Presence? Advice from”

Top 4 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Landing Your Dream Job

Wheeler del Torro is a nutritional anthropologist and author. His most recent book, The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding, provides a guide to creating a powerful personal brand. When he is not researching, lecturing, or hosting popups, Wheeler is out setting the next culinary trend. As consumers, we are continually presented with choices. For everyContinue reading “Top 4 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Landing Your Dream Job”

On Dining for Success

Rex Hsieh is a sophomore studying Economics and Mathematics. He has a passion for studying businesses and macro-economics. When not studying, or working as a Wasserman Career Ambassador, he enjoys writing fiction and poetry, touring art museums, and solving mathematics problems! More times than none–especially on super-days–companies conduct interviews over the course of a meal.Continue reading “On Dining for Success”

How to Highlight your Identities as Strengths at Conferences

Wei-Jin “Gina” Leow is a native New Yorker and current graduate student of NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where she studies Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She is a current Paul D. Coverdell Fellow, having completed her Peace Corps service in China as a university English teacher. In her spare time, Gina reads to secondContinue reading “How to Highlight your Identities as Strengths at Conferences”

How to Network with Recruiters

After graduating from The King’s College with her BA in Media, Culture, and the Arts, Amanda explored several different career paths before joining HeartShare in 2015. After working as a Jr. Recruiter for a period of time, she worked her way up to the role of Sr. Recruiter. She is currently in charge of recruitment for HeartShare Wellness, HeartShareContinue reading “How to Network with Recruiters”

Four Tips for Acing the Startup Job Interview

Abby Lyall is Director of Partnerships at Quake Capital and a student at NYU’s Stern School of Business studying Finance and Data Science. She is responsible for organizing and moderating the University Investor Series program, as well as building relationships with university entrepreneurship groups and corporate sponsors. Abby brings her entrepreneurial spirit to the team,Continue reading “Four Tips for Acing the Startup Job Interview”

Do You Suffer from Imposter Syndrome? Learn How to Fix It

Wheeler del Torro is a celebrity chef and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and lead educator of Performance Strategies Lab, a think tank and consulting firm that teaches networking and other vital social skills to undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students to help maximize their investment in higher education. The imposter syndrome, also known asContinue reading “Do You Suffer from Imposter Syndrome? Learn How to Fix It”

How to “Wow” Your Interviewer

Claudia Enriquez is a second year student receiving her Masters in Public Administration from NYU Wagner. She currently works as a Graduate Program Assistant at NYU Wasserman. She is a New Yorker at heart, growing up in Long Island, then moving to upstate New York to attend college, and now she’s back downstate and enjoyingContinue reading “How to “Wow” Your Interviewer”