Business Boot Camp for Non-Business Students

Open to first year and sophomore undergraduate non-business students only. The Business Boot Camp sponsored by Morgan Stanley, will equip those interested in a career in business with the knowledge of industry terminology, an understanding of transferable liberal arts skills, insight into corporate culture, and a basic understanding of various career tracks in business. LunchContinue reading “Business Boot Camp for Non-Business Students”

Should You Consider A Career in Fintech? Advice from N26

Considering a career in financial technology? N26, an app designed to help users achieve their financial goals, shares three reasons why you should. Technology has penetrated every aspect of our day-to-day lives: dating, dieting, learning, and transportation. It was only a matter of time before it reached our wallets. Enter fintech, the intersection between financeContinue reading “Should You Consider A Career in Fintech? Advice from N26”

NYU Alumni in Government: Ashley Cortez & NYC Opportunity

Ashley Cortez is a Fall 2016 graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications MPS program at the Tisch School of Arts. She is currently a Training and Outreach Specialist at the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity (NYC Opportunity). How did you find your current job and what Wasserman services or programs did you use, if any? A fellow ITPContinue reading “NYU Alumni in Government: Ashley Cortez & NYC Opportunity”

3 Less Than Obvious Tips to Prepare For Your Career Life Post-Grad

The workplace is competitive, and more often than not jobs are requiring a combination of skills. Leverage your strengths and skills while keeping the next three tips in mind to pave your own path and reach your goals. 1. Step out of your comfort zone. Yes, risks are scary, and yes you might fail, butContinue reading “3 Less Than Obvious Tips to Prepare For Your Career Life Post-Grad”

The benefits of working in a global organization

When looking for a job there are many things that typically persuade your search decision such as the job description, office location, salary, on-the-job training, etc. However, I challenge you to expand your list and consider the benefits of working at a global company. Choosing a company to work for is a big decision soContinue reading “The benefits of working in a global organization”

Should You Delete Your Social Media Presence? Advice from

“The biggest mistake people make in social media is that they let their posts live forever.” So says Mark Cuban, celebrity billionaire, investor and sports team owner, in the very first line of a video that presents something of a dystopian outlook on social media and, indeed, digital communication as a whole. The crux ofContinue reading “Should You Delete Your Social Media Presence? Advice from”

It’s Always a Performance: Confidence Training Boot Camp

Thursday, May 4th 6PM-7:30PM |  Wasserman Center for Career Development 133 E. 13th Street, 2nd Floor RSVP Here. Get ready to dig into the most important part of professional development: your performance and leadership presence in front of any audience. This program takes you inside the “Executive Studio” where you’ll use The Script ™ toContinue reading “It’s Always a Performance: Confidence Training Boot Camp”