How to “Wow” Your Interviewer

Claudia Enriquez is a second year student receiving her Masters in Public Administration from NYU Wagner. She currently works as a Graduate Program Assistant at NYU Wasserman. She is a New Yorker at heart, growing up in Long Island, then moving to upstate New York to attend college, and now she’s back downstate and enjoyingContinue reading “How to “Wow” Your Interviewer”

4 Golden Rules to Rocking Your Virtual Internship

By Janel Abrahami Janel Abrahami is a May 2014 graduate of NYU Steinhardt’s Applied Psychology program. She currently serves the NBCUniversal intern population as a Campus 2 Career Assistant and a catalyst for early career development.You can find her talking about all things work on Twitter and LinkedIn Looking for a flexible way to explore a new industryContinue reading “4 Golden Rules to Rocking Your Virtual Internship”