The Business of the Performing Arts

Jennifer Root, Hiring Assistant at DCM, Inc. I am an artist.  My great passion in life is opera.  The expression of the music, the artistry of the performers, the set and the lighting, and the costumes and make-up all contribute to this incomparable visceral experience.  I am a professional opera singer, and I have beenContinue reading “The Business of the Performing Arts”

4 Things to Expect at a Big Company

Jacqueline Allen is part of the Unilever Future Leader’s Program. Her current role is a CD/Marketing Management Trainee on the Kroger Foods Team in Cincinnati Ohio. She is a 2015 graduate of NYU Stern where she majored in Marketing and Management and was President of the Marketing Society. When it comes to choosing your firstContinue reading “4 Things to Expect at a Big Company”

My Journey Into Ad Tech

Interview with Aleks Navratil, Data Scientist, Collective, Inc.  Aleks Navratil is recent graduate who has worked in ad tech for his entire professional career. He is an avid alpine skier, and grower of excellent mustaches. He survives almost entirely on spicy Thai food and croissants. When he’s not writing code at Collective’s worldwide HQ inContinue reading “My Journey Into Ad Tech”

Employer Insight: 6 Tips Every Non-Tech Applicant Should Know

Susan Zheng is the co-founder and CEO of Lynxsy, a mobile recruitment marketplace for companies to hire junior, non-technical talent. Previously, she was an early employee at Tough Mudder where she helped the company grow from 10 to 200 in two years. She graduated from NYU Stern with a degree in Finance and International Business.Continue reading “Employer Insight: 6 Tips Every Non-Tech Applicant Should Know”

Collaboration, Cooperation and Teamwork: One Teacher’s Experience At Success Academy

Every afternoon, after a long but satisfying day teaching third grade at Success Academy Bed-Stuy 2, Lizz Tetu sits down with five colleagues and her principal for their daily debrief. Each teacher comes with a pile of student work and identifies the concepts their scholars had struggled with that day – with the shared goalContinue reading “Collaboration, Cooperation and Teamwork: One Teacher’s Experience At Success Academy”

Employer Perspective: Is your College Major relevant to the Market?

Murshed Chowdhury acts as an advisor to both companies and individuals who are looking for assistance in technology talent acquisition and development. He has served as the CEO & Partner of Infusive Solutions Inc. since its establishment in 2001. Prior to Infusive, he worked at several recruiting agencies where he honed his skills and roseContinue reading “Employer Perspective: Is your College Major relevant to the Market?”

Employer Insight: 5 Things to Expect at a Startup

  Career advice: Take chances, and don’t worry if your career doesn’t follow a formula. The most successful people in history have had non-linear careers. 5 Things to Expect at a Startup As a soon-to-be or recent grad, you’re chomping at the bit to jump into the workforce. You’ve got a stellar resume and awesomeContinue reading “Employer Insight: 5 Things to Expect at a Startup”

What Does a Perfect Storm and The Best Job for the Future Have in Common?

Earlier this year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics published their Top Ten List of Best Jobs for the Future.  Ranking #2 on the list was financial advisor with a projected 10-year growth rate of 27%–almost 3 times the job growth rate of all occupations. So, why is financial advisor ranked so high?  Well, it’sContinue reading “What Does a Perfect Storm and The Best Job for the Future Have in Common?”