Reflection: Connecting Experiences Abroad to your Home Campus

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Full Name: Sachintha (Sachi) Pilapitiya
Study Away Site: Washington DC
Home Campus: Abu Dhabi
Currently Studying: Abu Dhabi
Class Year: Junior
Major: Economics
Minors: Political Science and Applied Mathematics

In what ways did your placement or internship shape your future goals?

My internship as a research assistant at the Kluge Center, Library of Congress exposed me to the wide areas of research in both economics and public governance. I had the opportunity to connect with and work alongside a diverse range of scholars and through them to their own areas of expertise. It inspired me to pursue my passion for research and academia and also saw its applicability in practical matters in real time.

How has studying abroad impacted your global perspective of NYU Abu Dhabi and the world?

Being in DC, a global political power house, I have realized the privilege and thus the level of responsibility we as students of NYU wield.

What do you think of the length of your program? Was it a good amount of time to be abroad?

I think a semester’s time was ideal for me in DC. It gave me enough time to settle and adapt to changes whilst also exploring the city and the many opportunities in it. It was also time for me to bring back home the lessons learnt and pursue them further at my home campus in Abu Dhabi.

How would you describe study abroad in a sentence?

It was an adventure packed with intellectually stimulating explorations in every avenue, be it career, academic or self-realization.