Reflections on interning while studying away at NYU LA

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Full Name: Sarah Gloss
Study Away Site: NYU Los Angeles
Home Campus: NYU Washington Square
Currently Studying: Finished classes in December and continuing to live in LA
Class Year: 2023
Major: B.F.A. in Drama

In what ways did your LA internship shape your future goals?

This past fall, I was an intern for Raimi Productions and absolutely loved it! I’ve known for years I’ve wanted to work in the Film & TV industry, and this wasn’t my first Film & TV internship. Still, the ability to do this specific internship while living in Los Angeles completely re-shaped how I was previously thinking of my post-grad career progression. My supervisor gave me really useful guidance in terms of networking, conducting informational interviews, and looking for opportunities. A major post-grad track for people wanting to work in the industry is to start out at an agency or management company. Prior to this semester, I hadn’t known this at all. Without the knowledge I gathered from colleagues and connections while in Los Angeles, I would’ve felt a lot more directionless coming out of school.

How has studying away widened your perspective?

Many people I’ve talked to about studying away in Los Angeles chuckle at the idea. After all, Los Angeles is still in America. However, studying away with my NYU classmates really highlighted the major cultural differences from coast-to-coast. I grew up in San Francisco, so I felt very at home as a Californian, but it was a great joy to observe the students who had never had the opportunity to travel away from the East Coast. Many were stunned and overjoyed by the wonderful weather, and are vowing to come back once they graduate. Some students, used to commuting by foot in New York, would walk 20-30 minutes to get somewhere. Non-native New Yorkers preferred our cars and would get there in five minutes. There’s even an attitude difference between the two coasts. While New Yorkers aren’t necessarily as rough and tough as the stereotypes suggest, the pedestrians one encounters on the streets of LA aren’t usually bustling commuters, but instead people enjoying a sunny walk. 

How would you describe study abroad in a sentence?

Focusing on your specific interests and path, while further enveloping yourself in a subsection of the NYU community.