What it is like working in sales for a Legal Tech Company?

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By Shamerah Concepcion, Talent Brand Specialist

Hi NYU! My name is Shamerah and I am a part of the Talent team at Ontra. I want to give you insight into a typical day in the life of a business development associate (BDA for short) sales position here. First, a little background on Ontra. We’re a Legal Tech company and our focus is to build a future where our customers never have to spend their valuable time on inefficient contract processes again. A world where they can say goodbye to countless rounds of negotiation and expensive invoices and hello to faster business operations, lower legal costs, and more time to focus on impactful and engaging work.

In sales, A BDA holds one of the most critical positions in the company. Ultimately their job is to gain new clients and help bring in more business. A typical day for a BDA consists of four significant tasks: research, prospecting, sales operations, and campaign execution. Here at Ontra, we pair you with a sales director, and as a BDA you are tasked with booking meetings for them. You are expected to perform extensive research to find prospective customers and then reach out to them by either cold calling or emailing.

Shiv Singh
Business Development Manager NYU Alumni 

As a BDA, you are able to gain an understanding of not only our products but our customers as well. I asked NYU graduate Shiv Singh what was his favorite things about working as a BDA at Ontra, and he said that one of his favorite things about his position is “the variety of people that he gets to meet — some of whom are former lawyers, international business professionals, and finance and investment professionals.” Ontra allows you to network with industry professionals and offers you a flexible work environment to continue learning and growing.

While figuring out exactly what you want to do post-graduation is a tough decision, we hope this blog provides you with insight into our Sales team at Ontra.

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