Copywriting with Mott Haven Fridge Network

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By Emily O’Neill 

Summer 2021 Copywriting Intern Emily O’Neill shares her experience as a copywriting intern with the Mott Haven Fridge Network team!  

Interning at Mott Haven Fridge as a copywriter pushed me to become a better writer. From copywriting for signs with translation in mind to formal press releases, I was consistently tasked with making my writing dynamic, providing me with plenty of opportunities to try something new and broaden my portfolio. Working on different projects and on different teams also gave me the opportunity to take the lead and flex my creative collaboration skills.

Mott Haven Fridge is all about turning neighborly inclinations into a concentrated force for good. Food insecurity is a massive problem stemming from a multitude of sources, but it really does have a simple solution: get food to people. Like writing a tagline that needs to encapsulate 10 different angles in only 10 words, it’s a straightforward ask that takes considerable effort. As a copywriting intern, I was able to try my hand at both at the same time, and it felt great to put my scribing strengths towards such essential work. I can’t lie; it’s a good feeling to see a sign I wrote posted in front of a fridge and informing everyone about how to use and clean it, which ultimately helps keep families fed.

At Mott Haven Fridge, I was able to put myself in challenging situations, taking on projects that I wasn’t so sure about and had maybe never tried before but now had the chance to. With the support of a great team all working towards a crucial mission, I was in a position to orient my personal and professional growth myself.

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