An intern who found their dream job at Ralph Lauren

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By: Abigail Fissore, Wholesale Marketing Assistant at Ralph Lauren

My name is Abbie Fissore and I am a Marketing Assistant for the Wholesale Polo Men’s team. I graduated from the University of Akron in May of 2020 and I have been at the company for a little over a year. I was a part of Ralph Lauren’s Summer Internship Program in 2019 where I interned on the Wholesale, Lauren Dresses sales team. 

Ever since I was in seventh grade, I had a goal of working at whatever job I needed to, as long as I got to live in New York City. Therefore, when I was applying for summer internships my junior year of college, I was solely looking at internships in New York. When I applied for the Ralph Lauren Corporate Summer Internship Program, I remember thinking it was a “pipe dream” and it would be impossible for me to be accepted into the program. However, as months went by of applying to hundreds of summer internships, Ralph Lauren was the only company that stayed in constant communication with me as they were going through the process of selecting their summer intern class. I remember making it to the final round of interviews and looking around my college apartment, noticing that all my favorite pieces of clothes and home decor I owned were Ralph Lauren and I didn’t even realize it. It felt like fate and was a good sign for what was to come that summer. 

The internship program was even better than I could have ever imagined. From doing an “amazing race” around the city for orientation, volunteering through RL Gives Back, having the opportunity to talk with Jerry Lauren, one of our Men’s Design leaders and brother to our founder Mr. Ralph Lauren, and Patrice Louvet, our President and Chief Executive Officer, and participating in a corporate project presentation. It all felt too good to be true. It was the perfect balance of having fun in the city while also learning about what makes the company such a success. I met amazing people at the company and even my closest friends today were other interns in my class. 

I realized within the first two weeks of being an intern that my dream turned from not only wanting to move to New York City one day but wanting to move here to be a part of the Ralph Lauren family. I knew it was a rare quality to work for a large corporation where everyone felt like they were a part of a giant family and truly belonged. That is why I came back to Ralph Lauren and am excited to see where my career takes me in the future!

Ralph Lauren Internship Program: Our internship program, RL Inspire, will provide you with an unforgettable experience in a fast-paced, dynamic and international environment.  You will gain hands-on experience in a specific field while learning about the Ralph Lauren Corporation and our culture. If you’re looking for a place that will challenge you, that will help you grow, that will give you every opportunity to make a difference, it is Ralph Lauren. At Ralph Lauren, we unite and inspire the communities within our company as well as those in which we serve by amplifying voices and perspectives to create a culture of belonging, ensuring inclusion, and fairness for all. 

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