Navigating Your Job Search as an Undocumented Student

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As an undocumented student, you will likely navigate special considerations in your career and job search. The NYU Wasserman Center is here to support you as you go through the process. We’ve compiled a few tips and resources below to get you started.


  • The best way to build your resume for your future career is through skill building experiences. There are many opportunities to build skills outside of traditional jobs and internships. This includes getting involved on campus, research, volunteering, and more. Visit our website on experiential learning for a full list of opportunities across NYU.
  • Connect with other students and alumni who share a similar immigration status and have been through the hiring process and found opportunities. There are school groups such as NYU DREAM Team and national groups such as the  UndocuUndergrads National NetworkUndocuBlack NetworkUnited we Dream, and NAKASEC who may be great communities to find connections.
  • Consider your comfort level with disclosing your status with employers. This decision can be confusing and stressful. Throughout the job search process it is important to provide information that is true and authentic, however, you ultimately get to decide whether or not to share your status.
    • If you have DACA, you are legally authorized to work in the United States and can answer that question “yes” in a job application.
  • Schedule a career coaching appointment to identify opportunities, discuss options around disclosing your status, develop a job search strategy, or ask for general support in figuring out your next steps.

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