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Hiring for a variety of job and internship opportunities continues to prosper on Handshake. In our April 2021 data, we saw top postings related to the industries of Healthcare, Non-Profits, and Internet & Software, along with more. Whereas, the top job functionalities for postings included the likes of Marketing, Sales, and Education/Teaching/Training, among others.. The top employers who posted to NYU on Handshake in April 2021 included organizations such as JPMorgan Chase & Co., Riverside Community Care, Inc., and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, as well as additional companies.

Furthermore, some of the top employers in April 2021 were also among the top for May 2021, including Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, BASIS Charter Schools, Inmar, Inc., and Jefferson County KY Public Schools. Throughout this academic year, we’ve seen an overall increase in postings on Handshake. There were 57,167 total new postings from June 2020 through May 2021, in comparison to 44,331 total new postings over the same time period in the 19-20 academic year. 

In particular, there was significant growth in full-time jobs and full-time internships on Handshake. For full-time jobs, postings increased by 10,722 to a total of 35,474 postings; for full-time internships, postings grew by 2,622 to 10,547 postings.

Below is a comprehensive overview of the May 2021 hiring trends on Handshake, including breakdowns of the top employers, industries, and job functions.

Top Employers Seeking NYU Students

Below, you can find the ten employers who created the most opportunities with NYU on Handshake in May 2021. The roles that these employers posted ranged in functionality, including the likes of electrical engineers, music teachers, and outreach case managers.

When compared to previous reports, several of May’s top employers increased their posting counts from April, including Pfizer, Inc., a major pharmaceutical organization; Graham-Windham, a nonprofit that provides services to children and families; Sandia National Laboratories, a governmental research-based organization; and Jefferson County KY Public Schools, an urban-suburban school district serving metro Louisville. 

In particular,Graham-Windham increased their postings from 1 in April 2021 to 45 in May 2021. Additionally, Pfizer, Inc.’s postings activity grew from 8 postings in April 2021 to 58 in May 2021. Furthermore, some organizations who did not post any opportunities in April demonstrated strong growth in their postings throughout May. This included organizations such as National Heritage Academies and Breaking Ground. For the former, despite not posting any opportunities in April 2021, National Heritage Academies created 63 in May 2021. For Breaking Ground, their posting activity grew from none in April 2021 to 42 in May 2021. 

  1. Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
  2. BASIS Charter Schools
  3. National Heritage Academies
  4. Pfizer, Inc.
  5. Graham-Windham
  6. Sandia National Laboratories
  7. Aramark
  8. Breaking Ground
  9. Inmar, Inc.
  10. Jefferson County KY Public Schools
Horizontal Bar Graph showing the May 2021 postings in totals by top ten companies: 1) Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education – 114, 2) BASIS Charter Schools – 101, 3) National Heritage Academies – 63, 4) Pfizer, Inc. – 58, 5) Graham-Windham – 45, 6) Sandia National Laboratories – 44, 7) Aramark – 42, 8) Breaking Ground – 42, 9) Inmar, Inc. – 41, 10) Jefferson County KY Public Schools – 39.

Top Job Functions Available to NYU Students

Below, you can find the top ten job functions requested by employers via Handshake postings in May 2021. Job function refers to the type of work that you would be doing at the organization via the particular role. When searching for opportunities on Handshake, you can filter the postings by job function to best align your search with the type of work you’re interested in. Please note that one posting can have multiple job functions. 

While most of the top job functions remained the same in May as they did in April, two functionalities did rise to the top ten this month: General Management and Engineering – Civil/Mechanical/Other. Aside from the top job functionalities, other job functions showed promising growth this past month. The functionalities among those that increased their postings count included Environmental / Sustainability Management (95 to 152 postings), Customer/Technical Support (163 to 188 postings), and Lab Work/Science (214 to 214 postings). 

  1. Education / Teaching / Training
  2. Sales
  3. Research
  4. Marketing – General
  5. Engineering – Web / Software
  6. Administration
  7. Data & Analytics
  8. Healthcare Services
  9. General Management
  10. Engineering – Civil / Mechanical / Other
TOP JOB FUNCTIONS FOR MAY 2021 POSTINGS: Open book icon representing Education / Teaching / Training – 653, Dollar bill icon representing Sales – 494, Magnifying glass icon representing Research – 448, Line graph on a screen that demonstrates an increase icon representing Marketing – General – 397, Computer screen icon representing Engineering – Web / Software – 347, Desk with a computer on top of it representing Administration – 344, Horizontal bar chart icon representing Data & Analytics – 340, Stethoscope icon representing Healthcare Services – 326, Person standing in front of a horizontal bar chart representing General Management – 310, Bridge icon representing Engineering – Civil / Mechanical / Other – 298.

Top Industries Hiring NYU Students

The following indicates the top ten industries with the most job and internship postings on Handshake in May 2021. This refers to the field/industry that the overall company fits into. On Handshake, you can also utilize filters to narrow down your job and internship search to working in specific industries. 

In comparison to April 2021, we observed increases in May 2021 postings for multiple industries. This includes the following industries: 1) Research (275 to 282 postings) and 2) Investment / Portfolio Management (157 to 159 postings). Outside of the top ten industries for postings in May 2021, other industries also experienced growth. For instance, in the area of Pharmaceuticals, postings increased from 64 in April 2021 to 95 in May 2021. Additionally, Scientific and Technical Consulting experienced a period of growth on Handshake, increasing from 92 postings in April 2021 to 110 in May 2021.

  1. K-12 Education
  2. Non-Profit – Other
  3. Higher Education
  4. Healthcare
  5. Internet & Software
  6. Research
  7. Government – Local, State & Federal
  8. Investment / Portfolio Management
  9. Advertising, PR & Marketing
  10. Other Education
TOP INDUSTRIES FOR MAY 2021 POSTINGS: Chalkboard icon representing K-12 Education – 491, Hand with a heart above icon representing Non-Profit – Other – 468, Graduation cap representing Higher Education – 354, Stethoscope icon representing Healthcare – 335, Computer screen icon representing Internet & Software – 331, Open book icon representing Research – 282, Gavel and block icon representing Government – Local, State & Federal – 242, Calculator icon representing Investment / Portfolio Management – 159, Hashtag icon representing Advertising, PR & Marketing – 153, Pencil icon representing Other Education – 138.

Moving forward, you can utilize this information to narrow your job and internship search for the most prevalent opportunities currently available on Handshake. We hope this helps you to explore companies, job functions, and industries that you may not have otherwise not considered.

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