The Benefits of Volunteering

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By Jeff Levy, Development Associate, FOREFRONT Charity

Are you a giver or a getter?

Above all else, I’ve learned from people I admire that the secret to a rich life is being able to give unconditionally and fully to others. 

Thinking about our professional lives, when we apply to opportunities, we consider the benefits of joining an organization and what we offer. With limited professional experience, it’s easy to think you don’t have much to provide. However, for leaders of organizations who value growth, it’s refreshing to get new perspectives. Coupled with dedication and a willingness to learn, undergraduate and graduate students have much to offer.

We’re in a period where organizations are realigning their priorities by reconsidering how to better meet the needs of the people they serve. On a personal level, we work for a better life for ourselves and others. That’s why we volunteer with organizations that align with our goals.

What are the benefits of volunteering? I’ll divide them into three categories: (1) day-to-day, (2) bigger picture, and (3) post-volunteering. 

(1) Day-to-Day

  • Learning how to effectively work in a remote work environment
  • Collaborating with people who have a variety of professional backgrounds
  • Pitching ideas and getting involved in interest areas
  • Developing and executing a personally formed, self-directed project

(2) Bigger Picture 

  • Working with an organization that’s changing the status quo 
  • Impacting sustainable development for communities 
  • Solving current, real-world challenges
  • Doing work that’s important to you with people who share your values

(3) Post-Volunteering

  • Opportunities with the host and partner organizations
  • Building skill sets you may not be able to in other settings
  • Staying connected with a community
  • Exposure to an influential network

With an all-volunteer team and volunteer interns, FOREFRONT Charity has opportunities for 2021 summer internships for undergraduate and graduate students. If you have an interest in contributing to our mission to enable every person, equip leaders, and establish self-sustaining communities by providing access to clean water/proper sanitation, quality education, affordable medicare, and leadership empowerment opportunities, this is a great volunteer opportunity for you.  

To date, FOREFRONT has:

(1) Built 38 clean water wells for over 60,000 villagers

(2) Distributed 4,500 soap bars

(3) Enabled the formation of women-led soap businesses

(4) Launched an after school English program

(5) Started a state-of-the-art primary school in Kolluru, India to serve 400 students

FOREFRONT works for generational change through local-to-local impact. We empower leaders with resources and training to invest in their villages. We change the narrative for underserved communities in collaboration with locals. We liberate people to build a better life for themselves. Join us, as we continue to actualize their vision to alleviate local poverty.