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Hiring for a variety of job and internship opportunities continues to prosper on Handshake. In our September 2020 data, we saw top postings related to the industries of internet & software, K-12 education, and non-profits, among others. Additionally, the top job functionalities for postings consisted of data & analytics, engineering – web/software, and engineering – civil/mechanical/other.

The top employers who posted to NYU on Handshake in September included the likes of BASIS Charter Schools, Nashua School District, and Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, along with several other organizations. Furthermore, some of the top employers in September were also among the top for October, including BASIS Charter Schools, Verizon, Nashua School District, and Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. In September, there were 2,887 full-time jobs, 1,751, internships, and 196 part-time jobs approved. Whereas, in October, there were 2,047 full-time jobs, 1,264 internships, and 203 part-time jobs approved. While there were some decreases in full-time job and internship postings, part-time jobs increased in October 2020, and total postings landed at 3,682 (not including graduate school, volunteer, and on-campus employment postings). 

Top Employers Seeking NYU Students

Below, you can find the ten employers who posted the most opportunities with NYU on Handshake in October 2020.

The roles that these employers posted ranged in functionality, including the likes of associate scientists, creative production interns, predictive analytics interns, and associate engineers, among others. When compared with our previous reports, the employer with the top postings this past month increased their postings from 19 in September 2020 to 95 in October 2020. Furthermore, some employers who didn’t post in the previous month landed among the top employers with postings in October 2020, including Clean Harbors, Lumen, National Public Radio (NPR), Inc., and Lutron Electronics Company, Inc.

  1. Sandia National Laboratories 
  2. Clean Harbors
  3. Verizon 
  4. BASIS Charter Schools
  5. Pfizer, Inc.
  6. Lumen
  7. Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education 
  8. Nashua School District 
  9. National Public Radio (NPR), Inc.
  10. Lutron Electronics Company, Inc.
Horizontal Bar Graph showing the October 2020 postings in totals by top 10 companies: Sandia National Laboratories – 95, Clean Harbors – 88, Verizon – 82, BASIS Charter Schools – 72, Pfizer, Inc. – 61, Lumen – 56, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education – 45, Nashua School District – 42, National Public Radio (NPR), Inc. – 42, and Lutron Electronics Company, Inc. – 31.

Top Job Functions Available to NYU Students

Below, you can find the top ten job functions requested by employers via Handshake job postings in October 2020. Job function refers to the type of work that you would be doing at the organization via the particular role. When searching for opportunities on Handshake, you can filter the postings by job function to best align your search with the type of work you’re interested in. Please note that one job posting can have multiple job functions. 

While many of the top job functions remained the same in October 2020 as they were in September 2020, marketing – general was a new addition to the top ten. 

  1. Data & Analytics
  2. Engineering – Civil / Mechanical / Other
  3. Engineering – Web / Software
  4. Education / Teaching / Training
  5. Research
  6. Finance
  7. Sales
  8. Administration
  9. Information Technology
  10. Marketing – General
Horizontal Bar Chart showing the October 2020 postings in totals by top 10 job functions: Data & Analytics – 673, Engineering – Civil / Mechanical / Other – 645, Engineering – Web / Software – 609, Education / Teaching / Training – 565, Research – 522, Finance – 506, Sales – 440, Administration – 433, Information Technology – 428, and Marketing – General – 403.

Top Industries Hiring NYU Students

The following indicates the top ten industries with the most job and internship postings on Handshake in October 2020. This refers to the field/industry that the overall company fits into. On Handshake, you can also utilize filters to narrow down your job and internship search to working in specific industries. 

In comparison to September 2020, we saw an increase in October 2020 postings for several industries, including healthcare, research, government – local, state & federal, environmental services, and journalism, media, & publishing. For the latter two, in particular, postings jumped from 50 in September 2020 for environmental services to 120 in October 2020; whereas, for journalism, media, & publishing, the total postings increased from 59 in September 2020 to 108 in October 2020. 

  1. Non-Profit – Other
  2. K-12 Education
  3. Internet & Software
  4. Healthcare
  5. Research
  6. Investment / Portfolio Management
  7. Electronic & Computer Hardware
  8. Government – Local, State & Federal
  9. Environmental Services
  10. Journalism, Media & Publishing
Horizontal Bar Graph showing the October 2020 postings in totals by top ten industries: Non-Profit – Other – 277, K-12 Education – 267, Internet & Software – 262, Healthcare – 222, Research – 213, Investment / Portfolio Management – 153, Electronic & Computer Hardware – 139, Government – Local, State & Federal – 126, Environmental Services – 120, and Journalism, Media & Publishing – 108.

Moving forward, you can utilize this information to narrow your job and internship search for the most prevalent opportunities currently available on Handshake. We hope this helps you to explore companies, job functions, and industries that you may not have otherwise not considered.

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