Wasserman Global Peer Spotlight: Rosamaria Diaz

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By: Rosamaria Diaz, Wasserman Global Peer, NYU London (Fall 2019)

In Fall 2019 I had the opportunity to work as a Wasserman Global Peer while studying away in NYU London. My experience as a Wasserman Global Peer allowed me to be able to help others through effective communication. Given that applying to jobs and internships can sometimes be tedious and stressful, I used the communication skills I gained from my prior office work experience to support fellow students through this process. This experience working as a Wasserman Global Peer experience allowed me to strengthen these communication skills as well as practice presentations and direct student interaction that will likely be useful in my jobs to come.

One thing I learned while working as a global peer was that many students come from a wide diversity of backgrounds. Therefore, when going through their resumes I focused on tailoring their experiences into a story that could clearly tell the ways in which they have arrived to where they stand now. It was really interesting to see the different paths and experiences that have shaped the students that are at NYU. In addition, it was helpful for me to reflect on my own experiences and the ways in which they have shaped my own path. For example, while in London I have had the opportunity a lot about a culture that used to be a world empire. My time here has had its ups and downs, similar to any other experience. Getting used to the British English, or to the different culture dynamics, was interesting to me since I had never experienced them at home and a unique challenge. Positive elements of adjusting to this culture have included experiencing life in a city that serves as cultural and financial hub that attracts a wide variety of people. Ultimately, I would recommend doing a semester abroad and using the NYU resources to experience new cultures and new cities. Especially since NYU has such a global network – you might end up living there!

Working as a Global Peer has allowed me to see the different paths and interests that individuals have. In addition, talking to students about what their plans for the future are allowed me to reflect and find my interest in going to grad school for urban development. This experience has helped me have a more clear sense of the path that I want to take after graduation and the focus that I will approach. For me, this has been a chance to see that sometimes we are not aware of the small details that might be very helpful as we approach our futures, and how far taking the extra step to prepare can go.