ICYMI: Internship Boot Camp

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Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea and I am a sophomore at NYU studying Economics. 

As someone who is interested in a career in the finance/business industry, but not quite sure how to prepare myself for it, I was excited to have the opportunity to attend Wasserman’s Internship Boot Camp sponsored by Morgan Stanley. While I was a little nervous about how limited my knowledge of finance was, I quickly realized that the Internship Boot Camp served as a learning opportunity for students of all different levels of interest to understand what it is like to work in finance/business. 

The Internship Boot Camp consisted of a series of different presentations and panels that helped the attendees get a glimpse of not only life at Morgan Stanley, but how you can prepare for an internship or job within a large organization. Charlie Chasin, Managing Director and Global Head of Reengineering and Expense Management at Morgan Stanley, emphasized the importance of developing strong problem-solving skills and exploring classes and interests beyond business and finance while in college. He also encouraged us to find a workplace in which we will love the people and find a good work-life balance. 

Pierre Dobson, Executive Director of Human Resources offered great tips for attendees to create and maintain a unique brand. I was able to learn that there are two parts that constitute your brand: packaging and value. Packaging correlates to “what you are known for” and value refers to “what you bring to the table.” Director Dobson allowed us to work on defining our own brand through a group activity that walked us through the five steps in brand development

  1. Analyzing current brand: What are you currently known for? What do you bring to the table?
  2. Defining ideal brand: What should you be known for? What should you bring to the table?
  3. Constructing brand: What are the gaps between your current and ideal brand? What do you need to do to eliminate the gaps?
  4. Maintaining brand: “It can take ages to build your brand but one action to completely destroy it” (from Director Dobson’s presentation) 

Creating a brand is useful in the job search process because it allows you to differentiate yourself from other applicants. When employers are interviewing many candidates in search of the perfect applicant, it is crucial that you make a memorable impression on them through your brand. I highly recommend going through the five steps to successful brand development and thinking about what makes you special as a candidate before you apply to a job or an internship!

The Bootcamp concluded with a Q&A session with a panel of NYU alumni currently working at Morgan Stanley and a brief overview on applying for internships at Morgan Stanley. As recent graduates of NYU, the panelists offered great advice to students on how to prepare for the job search process and what to expect when transitioning into the “real world” after graduating from NYU. While all four panelists recommended that we start exploring and thinking about our careers as soon as possible, they also agreed that any experience in college such as clubs, on-campus jobs, and so forth are valuable parts of your job application. Moreover, each of the panelists worked at a different department at Morgan Stanley, showing us the various ways one can become a part of the finance/business industry as a whole. As someone who has an interest in both writing and finance, I found alumna Stella Park’s story of combining her love for creative writing and finance as an Equity Researcher at Morgan Stanley, especially motivating. It was inspiring to hear about the interesting work our alumni were doing at Morgan Stanley and it served as encouragement for me to aspire to do the same. 

For any freshmen or sophomores interested in a career in business or working at Morgan Stanley, the Internship Boot Camp is a must-attend event!