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Hello, I’m Jeremiah Campoverde, a rising senior at Stern concentrating in Marketing, with a dual minor in English and BEMT. My passion for storytelling and my entertainment-centric career goals stem from my ardent belief that stories can promote understanding and advocate for underrepresented and marginalized voices.

My Jesuit education in high school instilled in me a new sense of faith predicated on service and advocacy, and I wanted to marry that call to action with a fulfilling career. While at NYU, I’ve learned that entertainment commands large-scale societal influence. I was inspired to pursue entertainment marketing by how Ryan Murphy positioned and “marketed” the sixth season of AHS. Not long after that realization, I joined the LabCast and had yet another realization: I not only wanted to be part of the process, I also wanted to tell stories — and tell my own stories. As an intersectional mix of identities, I’m still not represented fully or accurately in media. However, this pitfall will not stop me from manifesting that visibility for future generations who are like me but still don’t see themselves on screen or in audio.

As a business student, I’m exposed to the business side of the industry, yet as a storyteller I crave to explore the creative side, in which I hope to grow and thrive. So in trying to reconcile my career goals with telling stories and creating content, I have finally found a place at NYU where I can do what I love and gain valuable experience along the way – NYU’s Production Lab.

Throughout these next few weeks, I will be writing a blog detailing the journey and story of the Production Lab’s Podcast Academy – a podcast “incubator” in which the Lab will teach and workshop six different audio projects, with the hope of them being picked up for further development at our Live Pitch Event on September 26th. As a co-host of the Production Lab’s The LabCast student podcast, I’ve found a way to marry my creative spirit with my academic pursuits. Join me on this journey as we help six more talented storytellers delve into the world of podcasting.

Check out the Production Lab’s Podcast Academy blog.