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Ava Ring (NYU ’18) who currently is a Sales Development Representative at Vettery, has answered a few questions for our Alumni Spotlight Series.

What do you most enjoy about your work?
I work in SaaS (Software as a Service) Sales on the Sales Development side at Vettery. I sit at the top of the sales funnel, so my job is to introduce Vettery to potential users, influencers, and decision makers at companies that need to hire great talent. My introduction leads to a mutually beneficial partnership that we hope continues long into the future! Oh, and then there’s the little fun perks of working at a startup like cute dogs, scrumptious snacks, bonding happy hours and motivating competitions.

What is the best career advice you received in your job or past internship?
Find what motivates you. Sales can become repetitive—pitching and then hearing no can be draining. What gets you through the day? Is it being part of a team, money, your competitive nature, pride, going on vacation? Remind yourself of it because staying positive is a great tool in your tool belt.

How did you find your current job and what Wasserman services, or programs did you use, if any?
I am a massive fan of NYU Career Net! Use the free wealth of information that’s at your fingertips, including resume workshops and career advice. Over the course of my time at NYU, I found six jobs and internships through NYU Career Net, so I promise it works. You will get back what you put in to your career and personal development, so invest in yourself. Future successful and positive you will thank you.

What classes or projects did you work on in school that helped prepare you for the work in your current position?
My last semester I took the courses Introduction to Sales and Negotiations in Stern and they helped me decide I wanted to pursue sales after school. I found myself looking forward to these classes and that surprised me because I just took them to fulfill a few requirements. Going out of your comfort zone and taking classes and hobbies is definitely worth it because you might learn something about yourself you didn’t know before.

What advice do you have for current students looking for jobs in your industry?
I have learned so much in a year, and there is still so much more to learn! Here are a few things to help you out: You have to want to do sales to be successful in sales. You have to be able to rejoice in the little wins throughout the day and brush off the no’s. Believe in the product you are selling and the vision of the company. People can tell if you’re lying, so be genuine with your intentions and the value you’re giving them. Going the extra mile in sales goes far!

Vettery is an online hiring marketplace powered by machine learning, with a mission to connect companies with top job-seekers across the world.

vettery summer party
Ava spending time with some Vettery colleagues at the company’s annual summer party.