Alumni Spotlight: Meagan Wansong (NYU ’15)

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Meagan Wansong (NYU ’15) who currently is a Senior Talent Executive at Vettery, has answered a few questions for our Alumni Spotlight Series.   

  • What was your major field of study?
    • I was in the Global Liberal Studies program, with a concentration in Politics, Rights and Development, and a minor in Environmental Studies. A mouthful, I know! My focus was actually Urban Green Space Development and I went abroad to Berlin to study the public parks there for my thesis!
  • What is your current position?
    • Currently I am a Senior Talent Executive at Vettery. My job is to work directly with job-seekers to make sure they’re onboarded to Vettery and have a positive experience once they start their search with us. I coach them through interviews, prep them for negotiations, ensure communication between them in the company is fluid and review their resumes so that they can be as successful as possible. 
  • What is the best career advice you received in your job or past internship?
    • Don’t focus so much on the title of a position, or fixate on a particular role when looking for a job. When I graduated, I wouldn’t have thought that “Talent Executive” was the job for me. Before Vettery, I worked for a women’s nonprofit organizations in their marketing and fund developments departments. At first glance, it seems like I did a complete 180 from my last job to hear but once I learned about the position here at Vettery I saw that I had plenty of transferrable skills that would help me succeed in the Talent Executive position. For example, the experience I had building relationships with donors helped immensely when I needed to begin building relationships with job seekers. 
  • What advice would you give a current student on preparing and/or being successful at a future job or job search?
    • Definitely take advantage of Wasserman, both the online portal with job postings and the staff on campus that can help you with interview prep. Many of my friends never stepped inside the Wasserman office, but I know the ones that did were a lot more confident going into interviews and landed great jobs! Also, don’t forget to start building your network before you graduate. Find out what people around you have done in their careers (alumni, professors, family friends, etc.) and see what connections you might be able to make through them. 
  • How did you find your current job and what Wasserman services, or programs did you use, if any?
    • I had someone at Wasserman look over my resume and they provided me with some really good edits. I also served on the Liberal Arts Advisory Board at Wasserman so I got to host and attend many events there with really awesome speakers on different industries and career paths. We had alumni come in who had decided to go to graduate school, start their own businesses, or found great jobs in NYC (these are also great people to network with!).  

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