Should You Consider A Career in Fintech? Advice from N26

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Considering a career in financial technology? N26, an app designed to help users achieve their financial goals, shares three reasons why you should.

Technology has penetrated every aspect of our day-to-day lives: dating, dieting, learning, and transportation. It was only a matter of time before it reached our wallets. Enter fintech, the intersection between finance and technology. From budgeting apps to automated investment services, the fintech industry has revolutionized our relationship with money. Here are three reasons you might want to consider a career in fintech.

You’ll make a difference
Fintech is still young. In fact, a majority of the businesses in the sector were created within the past decade. If you land a gig at a startup, you’ll have the opportunity to play an integral role in shaping the company’s future. You’ll likely join a close-knit team, perhaps even in the single digits, which means more ownership and agency over your work. For some, the pressure can be daunting. For others, it’s the greatest inspiration there is. Stephanie Balint, Strategy and Operations Manager for N26 in New York, is just one of the employees working towards the app’s forthcoming 2019 launch. She believes that the entrepreneurial spirit is contagious.

“At N26, each employee gets to work independently, drive their own timelines, and determine their own workstreams,” she explains. “You get to have a really big impact on the direction the company is going to take in the next two or three years.”

You’ll actually enjoy coming to work
Startups have set the bar for creating state-of-the-art working atmospheres that keep their employees motivated. Many tech gurus have traded in their suits and briefcases for hoodies and sneakers. The kitchens are stocked with fresh fruit and cold brew, and the well-lit open floor plans are littered with four-legged furry friends. And the perks aren’t limited to the office space.

“We’ve had quite a few social events so far here in our NYC office, from lunches and happy hours on rooftops to Escape the Room challenges and axe-throwing,” says Amaan Lakhani, Strategy and Operations Associate at N26. “We are a pretty adventurous bunch so we’re always coming up with interesting ideas for places to go.”

You’ll impact everyday lives
It’s a fact — more people are dissatisfied with their banks than ever before. Working in fintech, you’ll be part of building personal finance solutions for millions of everyday consumers.

“N26 offers a traditionally unfriendly service through an extraordinarily friendly medium,” explains Sam Davidson, N26’s Head of Legal, Compliance and Risk. “Our clean and user-friendly products are a direct result of our amazing teams. Our engineers and designers work hard every day on innovative features, constantly pushing to improve our product.”

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