The benefits of working in a global organization

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When looking for a job there are many things that typically persuade your search decision such as the job description, office location, salary, on-the-job training, etc. However, I challenge you to expand your list and consider the benefits of working at a global company. Choosing a company to work for is a big decision so you want to ensure you consider all possibilities.

Here are my top reasons why you should work at a global company:

Personal development and growth
Working in a global company increases your exposure to multiple areas of the business and provides more opportunities for job movement within the organization. Global companies invest in their employees’ career development through internal and external continuing education and on the job training. They expect you to move and grow within the organization. You are able to expand your knowledge of the global market by applying best practices relating to policies and strategies.

Increased Mobility – work/life balance and traveling!
Because global companies often work with remote teams, global companies rely on technology to stay connected which means you can be flexible when and where you carry out your work tasks. Think of the luxury of taking an early morning call with a colleague in London in your pajamas at your apartment – Don’t you wish you could have dialed into your Monday 8 am class from home? Global companies are more accepting of work flexibility that leads to happier, healthier, and more productive employees. Global companies also have offices across the globe that increases your chances to satisfy your love of traveling.

Access to innovative technology – Big data, Smart Analytics, Robotics
Technology is necessary for the future success of any company. Global companies are already utilizing and benefitting from innovative technology in different capacities. Imagine robots doing the boring, mundane tasks you don’t want to do so you can focus on the part of your job you actually enjoy doing or using data analytics to look through thousands of notes to determine text trends to help you come up with new solutions. Global companies have the bandwidth and financial ability to back this type of technology and use it to help their organizations grow.

Learn more about other cultures
When you graduate high school and go to college, you get out of your comfort zone, learn new things and meet new people. Think of how much you have personally developed through these different interactions. When you work in a global company, you continually meet new people, learn about different cultures, and expand your understanding of other people. This allows you to be more empathetic, gain more insights into how people make decisions, and become a better team player, which in the long term is appealing to all employers.


Written by: Jamie Lamborn, HR Advisor and Intern/Graduate Program Manager for Swiss Re Americas. She received her bachelor’s degree in communications and master’s degree in human resources management. Her passion is to help and support young talent as they start their career development journeys. After 5+ years working at Swiss Re, she recognizes the company for supporting her career development and passion for traveling.

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