Grad Alumni Spotlight: Tamarie Macon

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Tamarie Macon completed the NYU Provost’s Postdoctoral and Transition Program for Academic Diversity Fellowship in August 2017 and completed her PhD in August 2015. She is currently a Program Director of Permanent Supportive Housing at Homeward Bound of WNC (Western North Carolina).

How did you find your current job and what Wasserman services or programs did you use, if any?
I found my current job through Homeward Bound’s website, after becoming aware of the good work they are doing in the community I decided to relocate to: Asheville, North Carolina. I attended several Wasserman workshops and took advantage of one-on-one counseling sessions with some of the great staff there. They and others coached me throughout the entire job search process, beginning with (re)identifying my passions, goals, and skills; conducting a job search; preparing application materials; practicing interviews; and job negotiation. For practicing interviews, I also used Big Interview, an online service you can find on NYU CareerNet, for extra practice on my own schedule.

What’s your favorite part of your work? 
Making things better! From improving service delivery to clients, to clarifying intra-agency communication, to becoming better stewards of our resources, I love improving systems and processes to better serve others.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?
Navigating complex staff roles and dynamics, and continually shifting priorities within my bailiwick.

Is there anything about your work that surprised you once you began?
How my previous experiences prepared me so well to do this work. From working in social policy at the national level, to developing research skills in graduate school, to teaching at NYU, I am pleasantly surprised at how many skills are transferable and useful in my new environment.

What classes or projects did you work on in school that helped prepare you for the work in your current position? 

I participated in the IDP course through the NYU Postdoctoral Office, which provided structure to help me build my network and conduct informational interviews. As an NYU postdoctoral fellow working in a research lab, all collaborative research helped me identify my strengths and areas for growth in leadership.

Were there any jobs or internships you held in graduate school related to your current work?
My research and teaching appointments are related to my current work in that they helped me develop leadership and communication skills. In my last year of graduate school at the University of Michigan, I was selected as a Graduate Teaching Consultant, which further honed my communication skills and ability to navigate difficult conversations.

What advice do you have for current students looking for jobs in your industry? 
Be bold in being yourself. Work in your gifts unapologetically. Be willing to take judicious risks!