Alumni Spotlight: Julie Zhang

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Julie Zhang is a May 2015 graduate from NYU Steinhardt’s Bachelor of Science in Media, Culture & Communications program. She is currently a Finance Associate at betaworks

How did you find your current job?

Through a warm referral from a fellow NYU Alum!

What does a typical day look like?
A “typical” day (if such exists) will vary from: filing incorporation for a new company, support closing a deal with a seed investment company, create capitalization and structure model for new betaworks project, discuss with lawyers entity legal structure, review transactional model for exiting portfolio company, discuss market trends for Blockchain/ICOs, assess applicability for various projects, to voting for which restaurant to have our weekly beta-lunch!

How did your advanced degree impact your job search?
NYU provided ample opportunities to hone my work ethic, communication skills and possibly most importantly, my network. Given my current and previous job(s) have been connected through the NYU network – I would say, it’s been great.

What advice do you have for current students looking for jobs in your industry?
​Be the hardest working, smartest, nicest – you only need two out of the three to be highly successful.

What are some common misconceptions about your work?
​That because it’s “finance”, it is the typical desk job, pulling numbers and super boring.​
​In reality, I get access across all of our portfolio companies, constantly learning and applying innovative ideas, the opportunity to collaborate with brilliant team members and help build multiple startups from scratch​. Of course, monthly birthday treats and Kombucha on tap don’t hurt either!