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Take a peek into what it’s like to work at Marie Claire Magazine in New York City!


Name: Ankita Bhanot

Major: Double Major in Journalism & Dramatic Literature

Year: Junior in Fall 2017   

Position: Features Intern at Marie Claire Magazine (Hearst Communications)


Q: What time do you come to work?

A: I come at 10:00 a.m. 

Q: What is the first thing you do after arriving at work?

A: I get a cup of coffee from the kitchen, put my things at my desk and check my e-mails.


Q: How would you describe your work? 

A: My routine varies every single day. It mostly depends on what my three editors are working on for the day and what they need from the interns. Some of our typical tasks include transcribing interviews with celebrities and other influential women that are used in stories for the magazine; conducting research on people we’re featuring in the magazine, compiling lists for the magazine — such as “Top 10 Tech Innovations for Working Women” or “Five Most Influential Female Philanthropists — and organizing our books collection, which is all of the books we receive advanced copies for to review in our magazine. Our long term projects include writing short stories, attending events and conducting interviews for the magazine. 

Q: What time do you end your work?

A: I end at 6:00 p.m.

Q: What is your lunch time and/or break time scene like?

A: I have an hour for lunch, which I usually take around 1:00. Our office is located in Columbus Circle (57th and 7th) right next to Central Park, so I’ll usually grab lunch from somewhere nearby and eat it in Central Park. Sometimes I’ll bring a book. It’s a really relaxing break and nice to be out in nature since I’m at my desk the rest of the day.

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Q: What are some things that you enjoy at work?

A: I love coming to work! We have a beautiful office, and since Hearst publications are almost all fashion magazines, everyone is super well dressed. Our office is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows that look over Central Park, Times Square, and all of West Manhattan. It’s incredible! It also feels awesome to work in an almost exclusively female environment. It definitely feels like a community of badass women, which I love. I enjoy the environment of working here, and love that our magazine’s mission is to celebrate accomplished and successful women. 

Q: Any fun story or episode to share?

A: One of the coolest things I got to do at work was messenger a dress that our editor-in-chief, Anne, is going to wear when she’s a guest judge on an episode of “Project Runway.” I’m absolutely obsessed with that show and got to see the exclusive, designer dress she was wearing months before the episode will be released, which was so exciting.

I also got to interview Gaten Matarazzo, one of the stars of “Stranger Things,” for Marie Claire, which was a really cool experience! I got Gaten to say hi to my sister on camera, who is a die-hard fan of Stranger Things.