It’s Always a Performance: Confidence Training Boot Camp

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Thursday, May 4th 6PM-7:30PM |  Wasserman Center for Career Development 133 E. 13th Street, 2nd Floor

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Get ready to dig into the most important part of professional development: your performance and leadership presence in front of any audience. This program takes you inside the “Executive Studio” where you’ll use The Script ™ to role play and perform on the leadership and business stage using movie scripts, words from songs, and business presentations. The program has been called “Confidence Training Boot Camp” by many graduates, new business owners, and emerging leaders. Don’t skip this interactive program if you want to perform at your leadership best. The “Executive Studio” will be led by special guest speaker, Amy Dorn Kopelan, President of Bedlam Productions Inc. and former Producer, Good Morning America and ABC News.