Developing Personal Purpose

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Tuesday, May 2nd at 6PM in the Wasserman Center


Developing Professional Purpose:
A strong, guiding sense of purpose in our career is tied to success and fulfillment in important ways. Yet, for many of us, it can feel elusive. What makes a sense of purpose difficult to identify? And how do we go about clarifying a purpose that both feels authentic and balances our varied interests, financial concerns and other career values?

Join Erik Yazdani, career coach and NYU Silver School of Social Work alumnus, in this interactive session. We’ll look first at what gets in the way of our search for a compelling professional purpose and then discuss what can be done about. We’ll engage in a variety of exercises including individual writing prompts as well as group discussion exercises designed to tease out clues from your own life that you may have been missing to this point. Then we’ll review action steps that you can take to continue clarifying what drives you.

Some of the concepts and exercises we’ll cover include:

Ways to mine your past for clues about repeating patterns in your career interests
Traps we fall into that render purpose more difficult to identify
Loyalties and expectations we all possess that both serve us and bind us
Identifying what you’re holding on to in your professional and personal life that may be getting in your way
Defining a more personal vision of success that is less dependent on how others perceive us