Women in Workplace: 3 Tips for Success

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Jessica Yeh is a senior in the Hotel and Tourism Management program at School of Professional Studies, concentrating in Marketing and Revenue Management and minoring in Japanese. She has been through six different internships since attending NYU, during semesters and summers. She is passionate about building an Asian American and Taiwanese American community. One of her proudest commitment, besides being a Wasserman Campus Ambassador (WCA), was being the assistant director of an Asian and Taiwanese American conference at NYU.

Corporate World Today

Women are often underrepresented in senior level of leadership across industries. However, if you are a woman, you should not let this discourage you. Many leading corporations are launching programs that help women advance on the corporate career ladder. For corporations, gender diversity in the workplace can increase retention rates, encourage better performances, expand talent pool and improve reputation. Therefore, everyone should be mindful of women in the workplace.

There are 3 tips that I would like to share with all the young ladies out there, who are in search of a job or starting a job.

  1. Be confident

Know that as long as you work hard you should be confident of your work results. Therefore, when you are in a workplace, you should feel no less than others. People have the tendency to respect and see you as equals when you are radiating confidence from within.

  1. Speak up

If you are treated unfairly and without respect, speak up. Most companies will have platforms for you to report any kind of mistreatments. Know that when you speak up, you are helping others too. We need more women to stand up for themselves in order to bring more attention to possible gender discrimination in the workplace.

  1. Help others

Be aware of others around you. If you notice anyone is being treated unfairly, you can always reach out. If women help one another out, we can strengthen our network and increase the visibility of women professionals.

Keep these three things in mind and we can change the world together.