3 Things You Need to Know to Make an Impeccable Impression

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Jessica Yeh is a senior in the Hotel and Tourism Management program at School of Professional Studies, concentrating in Marketing and Revenue Management and minoring in Japanese. She has been through six different internships since attending NYU, during semesters and summers. She is passionate about building an Asian American and Taiwanese American community. One of her proudest commitment, besides being a Wasserman Campus Ambassador (WCA), is being the assistant director of an upcoming Asian and Taiwanese American conference at NYU.

Lost Before Your Wardrobe?
Have you ever stood before your wardrobe and felt completely lost it because you do not know what to wear for an interview? Please take in a deep breath and know that it is not as intimidating as you think.

Besides preparing for the interview itself, there are 4 things you need to know to make an impeccable impression:

1. Know your company.
It is never a bad thing to research about your company. For instance, you would take notice of its core values, image, and culture. Is it a more uptight corporate culture? Is it more relaxed like a start-up? Is it fashion focused? Is it professionally focused? You need to get a good feel of the company and you can use your attire as a way to express yourself. After all, companies are looking for the best fit for their respective environment.

2. Know your position.
Yes, you can use your attire to express yourself, but you also need to consider the position that you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for an entry level position in a luxury fashion company, you may wear something that is more business casual so that your attire reflects your creative nature. However, it would be too much if you wear something over the top like the celebrities on the red carpets.

3. Know yourself.
You need to know your what suits you and what does not. When you are choosing your shirts, skirts or dress pants, you should never choose something that is overly tight or loose. It is generally right to choose something that fits just right. You want to look comfortable in your professional attire in order to set the right tone before you start an interview. You do not want your interviewer distracted. Instead, you want them to focus on your face and you want them to listen to what you are about to say.

4. Better to “dress up” than “dress down.”
It is always better to dress up than dress down. It is better to let your interviewer think that you are serious about the interview rather than think that you are sloppy. You want to take each opportunity seriously, too, because the industry can be small and you don’t know where you will run into the same interviewer again.

You Got This!
There are some really great stores where you can find affordable and quality professional attire, such as Macy’s.

Good luck on your professional journey and start your professional wardrobe today!

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