Profile of a Wasserman Center Internship Grant Recipient

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Audrey Deng is a third-year Comparative Literature major with a penchant for French literature and long-form journalism. She cultivated her literary interests at NYU by writing and working for various publications, including the Washington Square News, West 10th, Brio Literary Journal, and others. In order to gain a comprehensive education of the publishing industry, she spent her summer at Hearst Corporation’s in-house photography studio, where artistic choices, editorial voices, and commercial interests inspire each other.

Best part of winning the WCIG: The best part about winning the Wasserman Center Internship Grant was the sense that my university appreciated the work I was doing.

Most challenging or rewarding part of your internship: Interning at Hearst allowed me a firsthand glimpse at how their fleet of printed magazines was thriving in a largely digital environment. As a photography studio intern, my experience building photography sets and handling lighting equipment would be highly valuable to working on film sets.

Good advice for others applying for the WCIG: Be thorough—do not be afraid of math when specifying how exactly the grant money will be used.

Non-paying internship survival 101 tip: I found it best to regard my unpaid internship as a professional working environment where I could practice applying what I learned elsewhere to a new medium.

The Wasserman Center Internship Grant was established to provide financial assistance ($1000) to students pursuing non-paying internships within not-for-profits, the arts, education, public service and other industries that do not traditionally pay their interns. For more information, the application and eligibility criteria can be found on NYU CareerNet under Job ID #1040560. The application deadline is October 6th, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. Please keep in mind this is a competitive process.