Student Spotlight Series

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Abigail Lyall

Abby Lyall a Stern student in the class of 2018, currently studying Finance and Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science. This summer, she is a Flight Operations Intern at BLADE, a company that provides helicopter and seaplane flights to and from the Hamptons and many other exciting destinations.

“Because BLADE is a startup, I’ve been doing a wide variety of tasks in all different areas of the business. It’s a fast-paced environment where things happen very quickly so it is important for me to be always on my toes and checking email, text messages and Slack channels for passengers that need to be contacted or changes that need to be made in our system. I’ve also been putting together weekly reports of flight data and presenting my analysis to the company executives. Using my reports, I’ve worked alongside company employees to schedule flights at times where there is the most demand and make sure we use our aircraft in the most efficient ways possible.”