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Jordi Ferre is planning to graduate with a MSc in Construction Management from the SPS–Schack Institute of Real Estate in the Fall of 2016. This summer, he is interning in the Construction Services Department at Tishman Construction Corporation, an AECOM company.

“For my internship at Tishman I have been assigned to the Cornell NYC Tech Campus at 1 Main Street (Roosevelt Island). I feel really lucky to collaborate on this project. It’s an amazing one. Besides the complexity of the management, administration and control of the project I am assigned to, I find the magnitude and requirements IT encompasses greatly interesting. The main building of the campus, which is considered net zero energy, will harvest as much energy from the site as it consumes, becoming the largest net-zero energy building in the Eastern United States. Also, I am learning how logistics and jobsite coordination may play a crucial role in the success of any project that has so many agents involved. I always thought logistics was something more static and less changeable, even from one day to another!

Also, I can work with other brilliant and hard working professionals and know first-hand the intricacies of the variety of projects they are or have been involved in. In addition, all the resources available during this internship make this experience even more fruitful.”

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