Advice on Interviewing: What to Do (and Not to Do)

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Yiqiu Gao, is the Founder and CEO of the tech startup, Netaround, Inc. Netaround developed a social network mobile application that helps users to find and meet new people everywhere they go–circle up everyone in the same location based on a specific event or common interest. Yiqiu brought her mobile application business from a simple idea to a fully functioning application by working closely with her team to wireframe app functions and features, design UI/UX, and to code the app in both frontend and backend development. She has gained valuable experience on creating mobile applications that not only help solve problems but also bring up great UI/UX designs that boost the user experience.

Before the Interview

· Research the company and position you are applying for

· Prepare questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview

· Know the exact time and location of the interview

· Arrive 10 minutes before the start time

· Bring extra copies of your resumes and cover letters

· Be late to the interview

· Show up unprepared without doing any research

During the Interview

· Be aware of company culture and dress appropriately

· Talk about your experience/background in detail and how it makes you a better candidate

· Maintain good eye contact

· Be honest and professional

· Treat everyone you meet at the company with respect

· Lie about your experiences and background

· Fidget and slouch in your seat

· Say anything negative about former employers or colleagues

After the Interview

· Send a thank-you letter or email to your interviewer within 24-48 hours of the interview

· Make notes about the interview so you don’t forget critical details

· Make it seem like you are desperately in need of a job or do not care if you get the job in the thank-you letter

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