Preparing to Network with Recruiters

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After working for a now defunct bitcoin company, Brandon and his friend, now co-founder, AJ Smith realized there was no easy way to search and apply for jobs. Every method lacked transparency, and that is the premise upon which Jozii was born on. Jozii is aimed at being a personal e-recruitment tool for both students and employers alike, and has been able to amass over 75,000 students users and 700 plus employers since inception. As Jozii continues to grow, the company is constantly developing new products to help students with both education and their future career paths.

Here are some tips from Jozii’s CEO about how to prepare to network with recruiters.

1. Bring your well-crafted resume or business card. Don’t forget to double-check spellings or any typos. One minor typo may crash your credibility.

2. Craft your introduction within 3 minutes and bridge your expertise with what the company is looking for. Don’t boast your marketing experiences in front of a recruiter who is looking for an engineer.

3. Be humble and listen. Listen to your peers who are talking with the recruiter, and pay attention to what information they are exchanging.

4. Bring your fresh mind to the conversation with the recruiter. Don’t let the recruiter repeat themselves while seeing you were there to listen, unless you need clarification.

5. Dress professionally and bring a smile.

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