Making the Most of an Industry Expo

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CooperatizeAl Chen joined Google in 2007 as a financial analyst crafting deal models for some of Google’s top distribution and mobile partnerships. In 2010, he joined the Google TV Ads team focusing on the Travel, Finance, and Auto verticals. Then, in late 2012, he co-founded a native advertising platform called Cooperatize, helping brands get their stories published on thousands of blogs at scale.

4 Ways to Make the Most of an Industry Expo

1. Do your homework. Being able to talk intelligently about the business or company you’re applying for is a huge plus. When I speak with students who are looking for internships or full-time jobs, the ones that stand out the most know about the industry, sector, and stakeholders for my business.

2. Have a good story prepared. Reading the bullet points on your resume to me is waste of both of our times since I can get all these bullet points from reading you resume, and you are not letting me get to know who YOU are. If you are able to tell me a specific story with details about a previous work experience, that will make your resume that much more memorable since I remembered the story you told me to go along with the bullet points on your resume.

3. Show enthusiasm in the follow up e-mail. The best e-mails after I meet a student are the ones that have a plethora of adjectives and even superlatives that indicate how excited you are about my business or industry. The generic “it was nice meeting you” and “I would like to work for you” e-mails are dime a dozen, and I generally ignore them. That is, unless, you told me a good story from step 2.

4. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you are really interested in working at my company, you should probably be persistent in getting my attention. This means numerous follow-up e-mails, hitting me up on Twitter, even calling me up on the phone (yes, the old phone still works). Persistence pays off and demonstrates your enthusiasm for the company and position.

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