Being a Confident Woman on the Job: A Student Perspective

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Women in Workplace

Jessica Joseph is a sophomore studying Computer Engineering! She has a passion for coding, designing, and traveling. When she isn’t working with the Wasserman Career Ambassadors, she can be found traveling to hackathons, coding at the Women In Computing office or coding and designing at the This Also office. This semester Jessica is the lead of the Communications team
and hopes to help increase the engagement of students and the Wasserman Center on social media.

When I speak to women in the workplace a common trait I find is lack of confidence. Insecurities begin to come out while imposter syndrome begins to infiltrate their minds. Imposter syndrome is the inability to internalize accomplishments and the constant fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. In the workplace women are 9 times more likely to underestimate their value due to a lack of confidence in their skill and/or ability.

Lack of confidence in the workplace effects whether or not an offer will be negotiated and by how much, adds unnecessary stress, and hinders career growth.

5 Things to Remember when you are NOT feeling confident:

1. You have accomplished things others wish they could.
We all have to start somewhere. Remember you used to be a baby in a womb and now you are where you are with the experience which you have now.

2. Stop comparing, it is not healthy.
You are scrolling through LinkedIn or Facebook and a lot of your connections/friends have new positions and awards. You look at what they’re doing and you are happy for them, but you cannot help but compare their successes to your own. Stop. Your life is not meant to emulate that of others, if it were you would be a clone. You’re not a clone, your successes will be different and/or come at a different time.

3. You are not done learning.
Life is a learning experience. Take advantage of the journey!

4. You are allowed to be curious and ask questions.
Do not feel like you have to be perfect and know everything all the time. It is okay to be curious and ask questions about things you may not know.

5. You are flawless as you are right now.
Beyonce said it best. You’re flawless. Often people envy the imaginary version of themselves without taking a moment to appreciate them in this moment. Learn to love the present you and your confidence will pour out like a waterfall.

Being confident starts off by realizing you are flawless and amazing because you are. Use your flawlessness to ask questions and grow as an individual.

Be confident, be curious, ask questions and grow. You are flawless.

On Wednesday, March 23rd from 2-4pm, the Wasserman Center is hosting TorchTalks: Women In The Workplace. Through personal anecdotes, successful female professionals will impart their knowledge with NYU students during this dynamic series of short talks. Learn about a variety of different approaches to salary negotiation, navigating male-dominated work cultures, finding mentors, and other relevant topics. To RSVP, click here.