Tips From a Wasserman Center Internship Grant Winner

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Achuth Krishnan Sreedevi is a graduate student at the School of Engineering, NYU. He is interning at the United Nations Department of Public Information. He is a part of the United Nations Academic Impact division which allies itself with universities across the world to promote education and research as a tool against social injustice. As a past recipient of the Wasserman Center Internship Grant, he shares some insight into the value of applying for the Grant, and offers some tips to further your candidacy.


What was it like working at the United Nations Academic Impact?

Every day I work with the top minds of the world along with leaders in the field of education and research towards new ways to address global issues. I recently got the opportunity to walk up and speak at the rostrum of the General Assembly. I will be chasing that high for a long time. My thoughts on international matters were appreciated to the extent that I have been featured frequently on the United Nations Academic Impact website and newsletter. This went on to find me a place as co-editor of the newsletter.  I go to sleep every night knowing that I’ve done at least the smallest share to making a positive impact on the world.  I will always be able to own up to these experiences. This has been invaluable to my future!

Why shouldn’t you shy away from a non-paying internship?

Some internships are paid and some just aren’t. This should never factor into your list of reasons for choosing an internship. The purpose of an internship is to give you a hint of what it would be like to work in that sector and to familiarize you with the organization. Do the work that you love to do. If you don’t love what you do, you cannot be successful at it because you will be competing with people who love that line of work. Choose an internship that takes you closer to where you want to be, doing what you want to do. Opportunities such as the Wasserman Centre Internship Grant are available to support you in your choices.

Why should you apply to the Wasserman Center Internship Grant?

An internship is a step towards our career and we should never sacrifice even the smallest step for a quick buck. While money should never be the reason to work, it can serve as recognition of your work and improve your life style. This means that you can be more focused on your work and less focused on your bank balance!  The Wasserman Center Internship Grant gives recognition to our work and supports us financially in our career aspirations.

What advice would you give for future applicants of the Wasserman Center Internship Grant?

If you love what you do, it will show in your passion and dedication to the organization and the quality of work you produce. Have a good relationship with your boss and show him that you are passionate about your work so that he will feel comfortable giving you a positive recommendation. Most importantly choose the right internship based on what resonates with you. The rest will follow. My best wishes to all future applicants!

Are you interning this semester? Whether or not you are getting paid, take Achuth’s advice on using your internship as an opportunity to learn more about your career interests. If your internship is non-paying, and at a not-for-profit organization or within an industry that does not typically pay interns (arts, entertainment, media, education), apply now for the Wasserman Center Internship Grant. Apply by Sep 29th at 11:59pm: NYU CareerNet Job ID #978082.