Summer Career Checklist

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Summer break doesn’t mean you have to take a break from your career development!  Whether you are interning, taking classes, working part-time or just relaxing, here are some to-do’s:

Update and polish your resume

You may have some great courses, academic projects, part-time jobs or internships to add from this past academic year.  Write those great bullet points while these experiences are fresh in your mind.

Build your skills

Even if you aren’t working part-time or interning, it’s important for you to continue to build skills that will be relevant for employers.  Volunteer with an organization a few days a month, teach yourself a new technology, review relevant industry resources and review some of our skill-building tips!

Foster and expand your network

Networking is most effective when you don’t need something (like a job) right away.  Reach out to previous colleagues, friends, and professors to check in, say hi and maybe grab lunch.  Use some of the Wasserman Center’s resources or to set up some informational interviews and expand your existing network.


Sometimes it’s hard to find time during the academic year to reflect.  Take some time to think about the past year.   What did you learn about your career preferences, work-ethic, strengths, and weaknesses?  What activities or classes did you love? Were there others you disliked?  How might the responses to these questions help you plan for for next year or even post-graduation?  Need some help reflecting?  On to our next item….

Schedule a coaching appointment

Not in NYC? No problem.  Counselors are available for virtual or phone appointments as well.  Schedule an appointment via your NYU CareerNet account and cover topics like resumes, cover letters, interview prep, networking tips or take a career assessment.