NYU Wasserman Global Peer Educator – Spain

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¡Hola from Madrid! My name is Dan-Ah Kim and I am a sophomore in the Stern School of Business concentrating in Finance and minoring in Steinhardt’s Global Visual Arts.

Why did you want to study away at your particular site?

Since my Spanish classes back in high school and seeing the photos in my textbooks, I’ve always been interested in Spain. When I got the opportunity to not only visit but also to live and study in Madrid, I was more than excited. I was ready to see and experience the culture, improve my Spanish, and spend the next 4 months of my life as a true Madrileña.

What classes are you taking?

For my language requirement, I am in Spanish Intermediate II, a class that challenges my Spanish and really solidifies my grammar. Spain Today is a discussion-based class in Spanish where we talk about the major events that happen throughout Spain such as the secessionist movement of some of the autonomous regions, the different languages spoken throughout Spain, holidays celebrated, political parties, etc. It really helps me understand what is going on in the country I am living in and keeps me engaged. Masterpieces of the Prado Museum is an art history class that meets at the famous Prado Museum to learn about not only the different artists and artwork, but also the historical and cultural context behind them. Finally, to fulfill my major requirements I am taking Foundations of Financial Markets, the introductory course to Finance majors. This course has definitely been challenging, especially in comparison to a more relaxed environment than in NYC, but I’ve been pushing myself to keep on track.

What has been the most meaningful/impactful experience you’ve had so far?

 Studying abroad in Europe gives you so many opportunities to travel around different countries of Europe. However, because Spain is rather isolated from mainland Europe, I focused on traveling within Spain to be able to really get to know the country. It is a country of 17 autonomous regions and taking the bus or train just one hour outside of Madrid already makes you feel like you’re in a whole new place. Witnessing such differences even within Spain really enriched my learning experience in classes as well as my entire study abroad experience.

What have you learned from your experience that will impact your career endeavors?

During my time abroad, I have learned so much from seeing and experiencing different cultures, languages, and people, in turn learning more about myself in those changes. I have become a more open and receptive person to differences, and I know these experiences will help me relate to and understand people I come encounter with in a working environment.

Become a Wasserman Global Peer Career Educator

Dan-Ah served as a Wasserman Global Peer Career Educator while studying away at NYU Madrid this Spring.  Global Peer Career Educators are student leaders at study away sites who represent the Wasserman Center for Career Development by coordinating, promoting, and facilitating a variety of career-development focused programs and events.

We are currently recruiting students for this unique leadership opportunity.  For more information and to apply, visit NYU CareerNet “Job” tab and enter Job#950530.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis so we encourage you to apply ASAP!