Navigating the Job Search through Wasserman

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The following post was written by Jeffrey Chan, who through the help of Wasserman Center for Career Development has secured his dream job! He is graduating next month with a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel and Tourism Management, with a concentration in Marketing and Revenue Management.

Throughout my undergraduate career at NYU, a key part of the job and internship search process was reaching out to the Wasserman Center for career advice and development. Wasserman’s division within the Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism was very helpful in searching for internship opportunities, full-time job opportunities, and also offered assistance in career development when building my résumé and preparing for interviews. Upon entering the Hospitality program my freshmen year, I did not know much about the Wasserman Center, but as I progressed through the program, I began to utilize the center and the resources that it had to offer.

In my sophomore year, I took a Professional Seminar class that encouraged students to participate in the Wasserman Center by signing up for workshops and scheduling appointments with counselors to build or critique our resumés. After building a resumé, we were required to prepare an elevator pitch about ourselves and practice answering interview questions to prepare us for the job search. This preparation was very beneficial for students in preparing for the Tisch Center Hospitality Expo, a career fair featuring over 50 companies with internship and job opportunities offered each semester during the fall and spring. During my undergraduate career at NYU, I have secured two internship opportunities through the career fair and Wasserman offered plenty of assistance along the way.


During my junior and senior year, I utilized the on-campus recruitment program through the Wasserman Center and this allowed me to secure interview opportunities with great companies that were searching for students with experience relative to our undergraduate program. Throughout the interview process, I scheduled appointments with career counselors if I needed any advice in approaching an interview or if I needed any practice before an interview. In addition, workshops or coaching sessions were also offered to develop our personal branding skills and tips during salary or position-related negotiations.

Overall, the assistance offered was very helpful and it was great knowing that students had support from the Wasserman Center when searching for job opportunities. The Wasserman Center definitely offers plenty of resources for students to use and I highly recommend any undergraduate student in the program to schedule an appointment with a career counselor soon.