Life After NYU: How to Stand Out Once You Land the Job

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Tiffany Rivera, HR Generalist, Institute for International Research (IIR), USAgraduated from CUNY Baruch in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications. With nine years of experience, Tiffany has provided support to employees as an HR Generalist ranging from Employee Relations and Payroll to Training/Development and Recruitment. Her passion is people. Identifying high potential candidates and employees as “diamonds in the rough” and guiding them through their career success.  

 You spend your entire academic career working on activities, joining groups and internships. All while keeping your eye on the prize—landing that great job after (or before) graduation. You interview and network and FINALLY get the offer, but how do you transition into Corporate America after years of structured Academia?
Do the job you were hired to do: While you may want to be a director in two years, today, you were hired to do something specific. It’s great to be exposed to other positions and areas of the business, but don’t spend your first few months trying to change a company you don’t understand. You will first have to figure out how it works and perform your job well before you will have context into making recommendations. Be Patient!
Ask questions: It’s a new job! If you don’t understand something you were trained on—ask to clarify. It would be much worse if you get far into completing a task only for it to be completely wrong. You also want to ask about the context of what you’re doing so you can understand the big picture. For example, if you are asked to research a specific topic, understand why you were asked and what your Supervisor is going to do with the information. Not only will this showcase your critical thinking and interest but it will also give you an opportunity to incorporate ideas/findings outside of what was asked of you; allowing you to go above and beyond the initial task at hand.
Be everything that can’t be taught: If you were hired for an entry level job (hey, you have to start somewhere), keep in mind that anyone could be trained to do it. Having the mindset to consistently demonstrate skills that can’t be taught will keep you employed and in mind for internal opportunities—be inspired, motivated and show initiative! If you are bored, ask your manager where you can lend a hand; if you go somewhere on your personal time like an industry conference or weekend meet-up group and it can be translated to your business, let your boss know. It’s all about how you market yourself to your company and how you add value.

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