10 Tips on How to Follow Your Passion

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Sweta Sukhadia is a senior in the College of Arts and Science at NYU. She is majoring in Economics and Environmental Studies with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. Her past internship experiences have ranged from non-profits like B Lab and the Lower East Side Ecology Center to private sector businesses such as Unilever and Haver Analytics. She has truly enjoyed being a Peer in Career at the NYU Wasserman Center her senior year and will be joining FactSet as a consultant upon graduation.

Finding the right career path can be a difficult task. Students have countless options and fields open to them in college, and it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. While the job market may discourage students from following their passions, it’s important to remember to love what you do. Here are some tips on how you can follow your passion:

1. Get Involved at School!

Become a member of a club or organization at school that aligns with your interests. Most universities have every type of club you can think of ––ranging from debate teams to salsa dancing. Clubs are a great way to keep touch with what you do and meet peers with the same interests. And if your university doesn’t happen to have that club, start it up!

2. Reach Out to Current Professionals in the Field

One of the most important resources any student has is alumni or current professionals in their line of work. Do some research and find out who currently has your dream job. Professionals can give you insight on their career path, how they got there, and their past experiences.

3. Volunteer

Participating in volunteer activities is a great way to stay in touch with your passions. If you are passionate about public service, spend a Saturday afternoon volunteering at a soup kitchen! Aside from public service clubs at NYU, there are several organizations in New York City that will set up volunteering activities for you.

4. Find Peers with Shared Values

Find other students with shared interests via clubs, extracurricular activities, online communities or even in your classes! Connecting with fellow students will expand your network and expose you to more opportunities.

5. Remind Yourself There are ALWAYS Options

Regardless of what job or internship you may have, there are always ways to switch what you’re doing. You can leverage skills you may have—such as salesmanship or specific computer skills, to help you succeed in a new job that better aligns with your passions.

6. Contact the Career Center

Wasserman has a number of resources to assist you – career coaches, an online portal updated with hundreds of new job postings each day, daily seminars, information sessions, and much  more! If you’re not sure where to start, visit your university career center to get updates on upcoming events and job postings that match your passions.

7. Try an Internship

Don’t be afraid to try a new internship in something you love. Part of the beauty of being a student is access to countless internships. Try something that you may be interested in even if its unpaid, you don’t know where it could lead!

8. Build and Utilize Your Personal Network

Reach out to friends and family—it may surprise you. Leverage the personal connections you have to gain useful advice and career tips! Following your passion as a career may seem daunting, so its important to reach out to the people who know you best.

9. Tap into Old Interests/Hobbies

If you’re not sure of what your “passion” may be, try tapping into some old hobbies! I recently rediscovered my love for singing and have joined a small a’cappella group. Likewise, it’s important to revisit your old interests and hobbies to rekindle a passion you forgot you had!

10. Attend the Find & Follow Your Passion Conference!

Lastly, come check out the Find & Follow Your Passion Conference hosted by NYU Wasserman this Saturday. Meet extraordinary creative, business and nonprofit professionals, and make valuable connections through panels and a network mixer. Registration is free for NYU students.You must register for the event via this link: https://www.findspark.com/nyuconf15/

Participants will include New York Football Giants, Buzzfeed, Ernst & Young, Google, 360i, Pencils for Promise, HBO, Viacom and more! New speakers added daily! Visit registration link for conference schedule and full list of speakers!