5 Perks of Being a Peer in Career at NYU Wasserman

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Janel Abrahami is a graduate of NYU Steinhardt’s Applied Psychology program. She represented the Wasserman Center for three years as a Peer in Career, and now works in Campus Relations and early career development at NBCUniversal. You can find her talking about all things work on Twitter @janelabrahami and LinkedIn.

I had several valuable internship experiences as an NYU student, including one abroad, and landed my dream first job before I graduated last May- and I credit all of this to the knowledge and experience I gained as a Wasserman Peer in Career. Here are my Top 5 reasons to apply to be a Peer in Career yourself:

  1. The advisors: When you become a Peer, you automatically have access to the fleet of incredible career counselors there. Instead of waiting for a pre scheduled, 30-minute appointment to weigh the pros and cons of a particular internship offer, you can email one of your Wasserman advisors whenever you need to, and get honest feedback from a familiar source much more quickly. As a Peer, you have these advisors in your corner to make sure your resume is always up-to-date, your interviewing skills are always polished, and your professional future is as bright as it can be.

  2. Resume-Building Experience: As a Peer, you will be able to say you have given presentations in front of various groups, managed a team or committee, planned and executed events, marketed said events and the Wasserman Center at large, and wrote articles and social media posts (like this one!). All of these are transferable skills relevant to almost any job or internship out there and will set you apart of the rest of the applicant pool.

  3. Insider Access: Peers in Career receive in-depth training in NYU CareerNet’s functionality and features, making your own job/internship searches so much easier. You will also have one-on-one access to the employers looking to hire NYU students, as you staff or host various events like NYU’s Jobs and Internships Fair, Attire for Successful Hire with Macy’s, and Dining for Success with recruiters from top financial firms.

  4. YOUR Peers: You will get to know other driven, career-focused students from all across the university that you may have never met otherwise. By definition, Peers are ambitious, resourceful, and looking to make the most of their NYU experiences- who wouldn’t want to be connected with them?

  5. The Swag: No, seriously. Wasserman gave out the most varied, and most useful, swag of any other student club I was a part of at NYU. Umbrellas, track jackets, breath mints, and thermoses (all stamped with the sleek Wasserman logo) were all lifesavers at some point in my college career.


    Apply to Become a Peer in Career!

    Applications are available now. Search Job # 962469. Deadline April 15th.

    The NYU Wasserman Center is seeking enthusiastic undergraduate students who are interested in serving as campus career ambassadors, expanding their knowledge of career resources, and helping students understand all that the Wasserman Center has to offer!