Industry Insights: Management and Human Capital Consulting

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Cholda Techamani is a Master of Science candidate in the HRMD Program

Four years ago, after I finished my undergraduate degree, I did not know anything about consulting. My interest in consulting came about from a rather serendipitous encounter. After struggling with the routine work of auditing for almost a year, I was introduced to consulting by a friend. She encouraged me to apply to Accenture Thailand and I was fortunate to obtain a management consulting role.

During my time as a consultant, I worked on several business process improvements and re-engineering projects to support new organizational change. It was later in my career that I developed my interests in human resource consulting. Because of my eagerness to take on new responsibilities, I had an opportunity to work on a human resource consulting project. I helped my company design an organizational structure to support a new operating model organization-wide.

Consulting work in general satisfied my thirst for learning, problem solving, and helping others achieve their end goals and endeavors in the most efficient and satisfying way. These were the things that made my long hours and demanding work worthwhile and gratifying. I believe human capital is one of the main driving forces of business success, yet many companies overlook it and instead focus on areas that can reap immediate benefits. Without teamwork from talented and motivated employees, the company will never reach its highest potential. Thus, I decided to pursue my career in human resource consulting to help companies and individuals unlock their full potential.

After hearing about the upcoming Industry Insights: Management and Human Capital Consulting event, I didn’t think twice about signing up as I am eager to explore every aspect of human resource consulting and learn more about the industry. I am also interested to hear expert advice on how to best prepare myself to be a human resource consultant and be competitive in the job market. As a Master of Science candidate in the HRMD program at NYU, I want to make the most of my program so that I will be well prepared for my desired role. An added bonus of this event is that I will be able to have meaningful discussions and network with experts from prestigious companies in the industry.

I strongly believe in lifelong learning and this is why I encourage everyone to participate in this event. It doesn’t matter if you have zero work experience in the industry, what matters most is that you give yourself a chance to explore and learn more about this rewarding and exciting career.

RSVP for the Industry Insights:  Management and Human Capital Consulting Event taking place this Friday, February 2oth.