NYU Wasserman Center Internship Grant: Tips + Info from a Student Winner

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Best part of winning the WCIG: The Wasserman Center Internship Grant allowed me to reduce financial stress in regards to bills and continuous rent payments. Without this internship grant, I would have otherwise sought monetary support from relatives`, whom have adversities and hardships of their own.

 Most challenging or rewarding part of your internship: The most rewarding part of my internship was the fact that it provided a public service to a generally underserved population. Not just underserved, but underrepresented. NDWA strives to provide resources to domestic workers and in-home care providers. These workers tend to be older and at times immigrants to the U.S. Jobs such as these are usually most readily available for them upon their arrival, yet NDWA realizes that while this may be the case, the majority of these employers are potentially violating basic human and labor rights. The rewarding part of working with NDWA has been the capacity to be able to have interacted with this population that only strives to obtain the simplest of information in seeking to improve their lives.

 Good advice for others applying for the WCIG: Take on an internship that you potentially see yourself in, or have always had a desire to pursue. By doing this, you can learn whether you are “in it till the end” or if it is not ultimately the right fit. Despite determining this, always strive to leave a good impression of yourself, even if it is not your passion. You are there to assist the colleagues you have learned to work with. These colleagues and the relationships built can assist you in networking, and potentially help and guide you in reaching your own goals.

 Non-paying internship survival 101 tip: Try not to think about the non-payment portion. While this can be hard, focusing in on it and having had received this grant, I have learned it makes the experience counter-productive. Through my undergraduate and graduate career, I’ve always accepted the notion that this is for now, and I am working towards having a paying job in the future. A positive attitude is key to appreciating what you are learning, and being able to successfully apply it in your future job.

Are you interning this semester? Whether or not you are getting paid, take Rosa’s advice on using your internship as an opportunity to learn more about your career interests. If your internship is non-paying, and at a not-for-profit organization or within an industry that does not typically pay interns (arts, entertainment, media, education), apply now for the Wasserman Center Internship Grant. Apply by February 24th at 11:59pm: NYU CareerNet Job ID #953347 or contact wassermaninternshipgrant@nyu.edu with questions.

Rosa Valdes is a second year graduate student at the Wagner School of Public Service, pursuing a degree in Public Administration. This past fall, Rosa interned at the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Outside of her internship, Rosa continues her schoolwork and provides freelance volunteer hours to the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts in Los Angeles, CA. The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts requires continuous assistance in their development in an ever-changing sector, in which innovations are sought to exhibit interest in the arts.