Myths vs. Facts! The Truth About Landing a Job in Finance, Business, or Consulting

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Myths vs. Facts! Breaking down the common misconceptions, urban legends and false facts around landing a job in the Finance, Business, or Consulting industries.

Myth: Only business students can work on Wall Street.

Fact: Many liberal arts students have successful careers on Wall Street.  However, as a liberal arts student, you will need to build your professional skills, network, and experiences in your Sophomore and Junior years. Additional effort must be put forth to find mentors in the industry, and build connections that can lead to internships and full time opportunities.

Myth: Only investment banks and accounting firms recruit through On-Campus Recruitment.

Fact: OCR is open to employers from all industries.  Different industries have different recruiting timelines and strategies.  OCR is most successful for employers who have a larger number of internship or entry-level FT openings.  OCR is a common best practice, but it is not the only recruiting opportunity available to students. Employers can also post jobs to NYU CareerNet (outside of OCR), attend panels, host a site visits, meet-ups, recruiter-in-residences, etc. It’s best for students to use OCR in conjunction with the various other recruitment opportunities available through Wasserman.

Myth: Finance internships are only for juniors.

Fact: Many companies will hire sophomores for summer internships, but it will require additional effort, research, and networking on your part to find those companies. You may also want to consider working for smaller/boutique firms, or even start-ups, who may be more open to bringing on younger interns.  The key is to cast a wide net and keep options open as you begin to build their professional experience, skills, and network.

Myth: Superdays are super fun

Fact: Superdays are a half day or full day final round interview at the company, most commonly seen in finance, accounting, and consulting industries. You should expect to rotate through multiple one-on-one interviews, group interviews, and sometimes, even a leaderless group discussion.  Interviews can be behavioral, case, technical, or stress.  Usually, by the final round, top candidates have met the recruiter and key alumni/decision makers multiple times.

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